Wally DugGrogDogBlog is my way of promoting the personal happy hour with un-fussy cocktails that are almost as easy as opening a bottle of wine or beer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – for years I poured vodka and club soda over ice and called it a good drink (and it was, as far as it went). Then a family member gave me a bottle of beautiful Bar Hill (Vermont) craft gin, and I thought, “Geez, gin has never been my thing. But it’s alcohol, and it’s small-batch, and my folks are drinking it, so it can’t be all bad.” I started looking up recipes for gin cocktails. Being a low-maintenance drinker (meaning, I don’t want to spend more than 2 minutes preparing a drink), I purchased ingredients judiciously, stuck to the simple classics, and started really enjoying the drinks I discovered. I made a few typical mistakes at first – buying a large bottle of a liqueur which on tasting I really didn’t like – but I’ve learned a few things about living la vida cocktail when you don’t have the time, budget, or energy to hang in a bar every night. I’m happy to share my knowledge with you and hope you enjoy the GrogDogBlog!

Good citizen’s disclaimer: When your drinking even slightly interferes with your ability to do other things (driving, caring for your children, holding down a job, keeping your temper, staying healthy), you should stop drinking – either until you sober up or until you can function normally over the long term. Enjoying a daily cocktail or two is much different than boozing it up every night and doing things that you will probably regret and might harm yourself or others. This blog should in no way be interpreted as endorsing, supporting, encouraging, or otherwise being in favor of plain old getting drunk. If you think any of my posts contain comments that in any way imply that I do, or promote inappropriate or excessive alcohol use, please let me know.