The GrogDog, if you don’t mind my sharing, tends to enthusiastically embrace certain cultural memes. The rediscovery and resurgence of cocktails and cocktail culture, for one. (The revival of grown-ups’ Chuck Taylors for another.) But I’ve been indulging in alcoholic serendipity, following my own rambling, tipsy path, with – aside from the research I do for this blog – little discipline or objective other than enjoyment.

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My natural curiosity and the expanding cocktail zeitgeist recently brought together two of my deep natural interests: drinking well and learning how they did things back when people did them right.

This week I was introduced to the man who is largely the reason we are all taking the mixed drink seriously again: David Wondrich. He holds a PhD in comparative literature (among many other accomplishments), and has applied his academic gifts to researching and writing about cocktails – specifically, about the cocktail as a uniquely American art form. How did I not know this until now? I can’t really


OK, so that’s why I’ve never heard of David Wondrich before this week, when MSNBC host Rachel Maddow interviewed him as part of the cable channel’s “7 Days of Genius” programming. But you can bet I’ll be curling up on a cushion with his books very soon!