There are many theories as to the origin of “clinking glasses” to toast before drinking… Many, many theories. But the best explanation I can find for the modern-day practice (for it didn’t originate with Viking drinking horns or medieval feasts) is provided at

…beyond mere aural pleasure, the act of touching your glass to that of others is a way of emphasizing that you are part of the good wishes being expressed, that you are making a physical connection to the toast.”

That is enough for the GrogDog, who enjoys a convivial toast with friends and family even more than drinking at home.

Whether or not you’re clinking, however, the right glass is important because you want to experience the flavor and/or scent of the cocktail, have the right size to accommodate – not overwhelm – the drink, and not feel silly drinking a martini out of a jelly jar. (On the other hand, if all you have are jelly jars, go for it!)

Since GrogDogBlog is about simplifying your drinking experience, here are the three types of glasses you will use most often making cocktails at home: the cocktail (or martini) glass, the tall glass, and the short glass.


You will note that the glasses pictured do not match, and if you zoom in you may even see water spots. That’s because except for the cocktail glass, these are glasses I use every day for all kinds of drinks besides cocktails – they’re just glasses. The cocktail (martini) glass is one of a pair I chose from a housewares store for their lovely wide bowls and thick, sturdy stems – a must in a household full of dogs (or children, or adults with clumsy fingers). The testament to their utility is that I’ve had them more than a decade and haven’t broken one yet.

The point is, you don’t need to invest a fortune in glassware to make and enjoy good cocktails. I’ll post more later on the coupe, flute, and rocks glasses, but until then, clink your glasses – whatever they may hold – with friends and enjoy!