IMG_0471Christmas is a time of good cheer, and while there are plenty of traditional holiday cocktails out there that can help get you in the spirit, here is one of the GrogDog’s favorites: The Buck.The name also themes nicely with Santa’s reindeer, if you feel compelled to dress it up with seasonally appropriate glasses, stirrers, napkins, and a bright red nose.

For those who have perhaps over-indulged in festive foods, the ginger beer in the Buck can help soothe your tummy, and the gin will put a holiday glow back in your cheeks. Lemon keeps the concoction refreshing with just enough tartness to balance the spicy ginger.

The Buck is made with 2 oz London dry gin and 1 oz fresh lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon), stirred with ice in a short glass. Top with cold ginger beer and stir again.

Best wishes for much merry-making today, and check back next week for some fizzy confections for New Year celebrations!