Cocktail fans, here the philosophy behind GrogDogBlog: There’s no reason you can’t enjoy happy hour every day. Spending time and money at a bar every day may not be feasible, but you can make and enjoy your own cocktails at home without a lot of fuss or expense. In just a little more than the time it takes to uncork a wine bottle or tear into a 12-pack, you can pour yourself a delicious and simple cocktail that suits your mood – or gets you into one.


If you like to drink the same thing all the time, that’s cool. If you like wine or beer, that’s cool too. (I like wine and beer myself, and drink them frequently.) My posts, I hope, will encourage you explore something different without having to pay $15 at a bar to sample a drink you’ll never be able to recreate at home. Many of the new craft cocktails require specialized knowledge and/or ingredients that are mostly inaccessible outside NY or LA… But don’t let the foodie/drinkie magazine articles or web sites intimidate you into thinking those are the only true cocktail choices.

Author’s disclaimer: I am a self-taught cocktail aficionado. My only credentials are that I drink (almost) daily; I really enjoy drinking; I’ve done a lot of research and taste-tested many types of cocktails; and I don’t like to spend a lot of time making fussy drinks. Read About GrogDogBlog for more info.

Good citizen’s disclaimer: When your drinking even slightly interferes with your ability to do other things (driving, caring for your children, holding down a job, keeping your temper, staying healthy), you should stop drinking – until you sober up or until you can function normally over the long term. Enjoying a daily cocktail or two is much different than boozing it up every night and doing things that you will probably regret and might harm yourself or others. This blog should in no way be interpreted as endorsing, supporting, encouraging, or otherwise being in favor of plain old getting drunk. If you think any of my posts contain comments that in any way imply that I do, or promote inappropriate or excessive alcohol use, please let me know.

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